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31 May

Three Star Motel Rating Explained

Boggabilla Motel is an officially accredited 3 Star Motel. But what does this mean? What do star ratings in Australia stand for? In brief, star ratings are a mark of quality. They reflect the cleanliness, quality and general condition of accommodation in the following categories: Hotels Motels Serviced Apartments Hosted Accommodation Caravan-Holiday Parks Self Catering

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06 Apr

Visit Moree Golf Club

If you haven’t played at one of Australia’s oldest golf courses, Moree Golf Club, you’re missing out! Situated on both sides of the picturesque Mehi River in Moree, Moree Golf Club is one of the most well established and popular golf courses in regional Australia. Founded in August 1906 and with its rich history, Moree

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things to do in boggabilla
07 Dec

5 Things To Do In Boggabilla These Xmas Holidays

If you’re travelling to New South Wales, you’ll love staying in Boggabilla, a beautiful and quiet town in Moree Plains Shire. While you’re staying here, in our fabulous motel you’ll have all kinds of things to see and do within easy driving distance. Whether you’re a nature lover, you’re interested in history, or you just

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26 Sep

Top Restaurants in Moree

Are you looking for great restaurants in Moree? If you are, you’re in luck because this not-so-sleepy town is home to some of the best dining scenes in New South Wales. Whether you’ve checked in at a local inn or you’re staying at Boggabilla Motel, which is just an hour’s drive away, you can be

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13 Apr

Top Things to Do in Goondiwindi

Goondiwindi is a small Australian town nestled within the Darling Downs, a charming pastoral region in southern Queensland. Roughly four hours west of Brisbane, Goondiwindi is situated just on the border with NSW. This location makes it a good stopover point during longer travels, but it is also a great destination in its own right.

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13 Jan

Visiting Moree? Stay at Boggabilla Motel

Did you know Boggabilla is only an hour’s drive from the large agricultural centre of Moree? We are noticing more and more of our guests are visiting Moree, but choosing to stay at Boggabilla Motel. This trend has resulted in lots of questions about things to see and do in Moree so we thought we’d

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20 Oct

6 Tips for Choosing Your Best Accommodation

What goes into choosing holiday or business accommodation? As a cosy, quality-oriented provider of Goondiwindi accommodation, the team at Boggabilla Motel has discovered quite a bit about what most guests are after. And it may surprise you, but what makes for great accommodation might not always be the first element that comes to your mind.

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01 Aug

Why You Should Spend the Holidays in New South Wales

Are you considering getting away for the holidays? Whether you live as close as Melbourne or as far as London or New York City, if you’re considering a getaway trip for the holidays, you should really give New South Wales some thought, especially Boggabilla. Why consider Australia for a holiday vacation? Well, if you live

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01 Jun

Travel Tips for Visiting Australia

If you’re travelling to Boggabilla in the near future, you’re in for a great stay. You’ll love the small town feel of Boggabilla, the beautiful surrounding terrain of New South Wales and Queensland, and the nearby destinations just south of Boggabilla in Moree. And, of course, you’ll love the comfortable and luxurious accommodations at the

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01 Apr

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Boggabilla

If you’re planning a trip to Australia – and, in particular, Boggabilla, New South Wales – you’re probably wondering when you should make your plans. After all, while Boggabilla and the surrounding area have gorgeous weather and plenty of things to see and do all year long, you want to know when you can expect

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